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Studio Trackman Analysis

Advances in the teaching of golf in the modern era are based on world class research and analysis of human behaviour. It is based on individual assessments using among other techniques, computer-based equipment. Coaching and assessment is conducted in a custom-built Trackman Studio with a huge 5.5m x 3.5m impact screen, two 55" touch screen monitors, high speed video capture, two custom print Wellputt putting holes and a full length rear wall mirror. All data captured is immediately uploaded to a client's Trackman app for future reference. This data is thoroughly and expertly analysed by Lee who begins working to improve the important aspects of your game; a long-term solution rather than a quick fix.


Range, Course Coaching & Club Fitting

Range, short game and on course coaching, together with comprehensive club fitting services are conducted exclusively at The Brisbane Golf Club. Individual and group sessions are offered for all course services and come with session notes and video footage. All sessions integrate technical, physical, tactical and mental aspects, delivered in a concise and easy to understand format designed to accelerate the learning process. Lee Eagleton Golf embraces the fact that everyone is unique, employing an integrated, vibrant and refreshing approach to golf coaching. Bookings are open to both Members and Non-Members of The Brisbane Golf Club and can be made by phoning the Pro Shop on +61 7 3848 1008 Ext-1 or after-hours phone/message +61 419 645 909.


Player & Equipment Assessment

Are your current clubs helping or hindering your goals? Are you unsure if it's you or the clubs? Separate fact and fiction with a player and equipment assessment. We analyse your current equipment to determine if shaft weight and flex match, we test for length, swing weight and lie angle before testing you..….. We ask questions about your perceived strengths and weaknesses of your game and equipment. The important data is collated on Trackman while Lee, drawing on 25 years of industry experience, formulates a plan to take your game forward. This removes the guess work and ensures your equipment is not hindering your progress.

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