Gary Calder


Who is the Eagle?

One of the most knowledgeable, and professional practitioners in the fields of coaching and golf club technology, within the golf industry!

Lee’s understanding of cause and effect (can’t fix effects) in the golf swing is second to none, and his use of technology to confirm the diagnosis is simple and to the point, allowing him to design a training regimen that will kick start your improvement.

Lee’s easy manner, simple coaching philosophy and huge array of drills will soon give you the sense of what is possible.

I highly recommend the services of  Lee Eagleton, as his extensive knowledge of, shaft profiles, clubhead design, shaft weight, flex and balance points, allows him to set you up with the ‘set’ that is best for you and your game.

…It’s a maximum of 14 clubs, not a mandatory 14 clubs, carry what you need or will use…


  • Queensland PGA Teacher of the Year 1995, 2003, 2009
  • Queensland State Junior Team Coach 2003-2005
  • Australian Team Coach for 2009 (Asia-Pacific Golf Team Championship) Seoul
  • Australian Team Coach, World Cup 2010 Argentina
  • Queensland Golf State Coach 2004–2012
  • Golf Australia High Performance Advisory Group 2007 – 2010
  • Member World Top 100 Clubfitters 2012

Julie Brown

Lee started coaching me 7 years ago as a mature-age, raw beginner. My goal when I started was to not be embarrassed when I travelled with my golf competent husband and played other courses in our retirement. That quickly changed under Lee’s coaching to catching the golf bug and really wanting to improve.

My GA handicap has reduced from about 42 to now being able to play in A grade. I would not have done that without Lee’s help. He has improved my game immensely.

Lee has an uncomplicated way of coaching/teaching which makes learning fun and inspires confidence. I believe he works with what you have, not changing too much at a time but incrementally improving your swing and game.

When problems in my game occur and recur he has the ability to quickly analyse, explain and correct to get me back on the right track. 

I would thoroughly recommend Lee to any golfer wanting to improve their game.

Jake McLeod

I’ve been fortunate enough to have Lee coach me since 2006 when I was a member of the junior state team. From that point on we forged a relationship where he was not only my golf coach but became a mentor and a close friend. 

His simple approach to the technical elements of the swing makes it easy to understand and implement. More importantly for me, his experience in all aspects that go with being a successful professional, not only helped me to win the Australian Order of Merit in 2018, but also gain a European Tour card. Lee joined me on the 2018 European Tour as my coach and caddy and guided me through various tournaments, including the British Open.

I could not recommend Lee highly enough to any golfer who is looking to enjoy their round of golf a little bit more.

Perri and William Ilott

Since catching the golf bug 4 years ago I have had many group and private lessons with Lee. 

When it was time to purchase my first set of clubs, I went straight to Lee for the fitting.  

Whether it is working on my short game, bunker play, straightening up the drive or course management, Lee has taught me so much in each of his lessons. He has the skill of being able to relay his tips and tricks in an easy to understand and relaxed manner. 

It is nice to know when things aren’t going to plan, Lee is not too far away to iron out the issues. My 16-year-old son William has also recently caught the golf bug. I sent him straight to Lee for his club fitting and lessons which he has found very valuable. 

As long as William doesn’t start beating me, I am more than happy for him to see Lee for his coaching!

Maverick Antcliff

I have been fortunate enough to know Lee for a long time, since when he was in the state system as a coach.

Lee has always been great to talk to about golf, he has valuable perspective being a former tour player himself, and playing at the highest level.

Lee teaches the individual, not a specific method. He has given me a lot of great insight into why I do what I do.

A lot of travelling is involved in professional golf but Lee always makes time for me when I’m on the road. He is an excellent communicator with a great understanding of the swing and can still help me improve even when talking while halfway across the world. 


Noel Greenhalgh

I can unreservedly say that Lee is a fantastic golf coach and a really good bloke to go with it.

I’ve known Lee for more than fifteen years and his ability to coach and teach me golf is the reason I continue playing the game.

Lee’s ability to keep things simple and explain the basics have enabled my game to progress to a level of consistency that helps me to “ actually enjoy” this wonderful but difficult sport.

Lee makes every session worthwhile and enjoyable and his easy going nature makes it very easy to comprehend his instructions during a lesson.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lee to any golfer who requires improvement to any aspect of their golf game.

Jodi Holmes

I was introduced to Lee when my handicap was 24, he fitted me for a new set of clubs and gave me a lesson at the same time. Within 9 months I dropped 10 shots from my handicap! 

A year or so later I had some more lessons with Lee covering putting, chipping and bunkers. I dropped another 5 shots within a year. 

He kept things simple and didn’t change too much.  I walked away from each lesson feeling the difference in the shots we covered which made it easy to take it out on the course. 

I have also found the follow up summary I received after his lessons very helpful. Lessons with Lee = instant improvement! 



Sam Slater

Lee’s understanding of golf and the way he teaches is second to none. Whether you’re a beginner, a low amateur or a professional, Lee will always find a way to help you improve your game quickly. 

I’ve been fitted and coached by Lee for 5-6 years and I couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made. I was a scratch marker when I first started with Lee and with his help and easy-going guidance towards the technical side of golf, I’m now playing off a handicap of +6 and ranked inside the top 10 in Australia. Thanks to Lee I will be making a move to the professional ranks soon. 

I can’t recommend Lee enough. I love the way he implements the skills you need into your swing without turning it into someone else’s swing. He is genuinely committed to the player whether helping with club fitting skills or creating that championship swing to make your next round of golf a better one.

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