Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking

Two Radars, One Camera, Zero Doubt. Attack Angle. Ball speed. Carry. Club Path. Club Speed. Dynamic Loft. Face Angle. Launch Angle. Smash Factor. Spin Rate. Total (distance).

Trackman tracks the ball from the moment of impact and through every inch of ball flight until the ball's landing position with best-in-class accuracy.

Multiple screens connected to Trackman allows for data, video footage and virtual courses to be projected on dedicated screens.

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Advanced Shot Analysis

There has never been a more efficient and precise way to determine a key area for improvement and practice. Trackman carries out advanced shot analysis of all types of shot pattern. Trackman then makes a prioritised recommendation for critical areas of possible improvements, ultimately leading to the one thing to work on. This recommendation is personal and dynamic, as it is based on unique swing DNA. Trackman presents what to focus on for more effective improvement, while the coach gives guidance on how players can meet recommendations. This makes the coach's expertise - and their value - immediately apparent.

Welcome To a New Era of Putting Intelligence

It's time to validate your feel and unleash your putting potential - one stroke at a time. Trackman's groundbreaking data parameters for club, ball and green synced with video have caused a seismic shift in how we practice, analyse and understand putting. Trackman's reinvention of club and ball tracking in putting means you can now focus on all aspects of putting and move away from repetitive practice in static environments.

The Trackman App

Download the Trackman app and you're good to go. All the data generated by your Trackman session now goes directly to the Cloud and can be downloaded automatically to the trackman Golf Pro app.

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